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>> Saturday, January 8, 2011


First of all, I would like to quickly apologize for my lack of posts for this period of time. Life comes from all directions and I had to handle things. But enough with excuses, lets get to the music. If you (just like me) thought disco was an old relic from the 80's that was never due for a comeback, you guessed incorrectly. Every artist from likes of Fred Falke, Titsworth, and even Le Castle Vania have all begun expressing interest in the production of old disco beats with modern twists. This is something that I have not been very keen on. Especially since I believe the past should stay well, in the past. That was until this little gem struck my ears. Without further adieu, I introduce to you Codes. A disco/house artist that was recently signed to Slow Roast Records. If this is his beginning work, then I can only be exited for what is to come of Brooklyn's newcomer. As always, please enjoy the download below.


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